Final decision for production of the Ford Fiesta in Mexico is yet to be made

Final decision for production of the Ford Fiesta in Mexico is yet to be made

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Ford Motor CEO Jim Hackett is still reviewing the automaker's global operations, hence a decision regarding production of the Fiesta subcompact in Mexico is yet to be made, Reuters reported in recent days. 

The report comes after a Romanian news site, citing a Ford executive, revealed the company plans to manufacture the seventh generation of the Ford Fiesta exclusively at a facility in Koln, Germany, opening questions about the future of the production site in Cuautitlan, Mexico, where Ford currently builds Fiesta’s 4 and 5 doors versions, as well as the Fiesta ST.

Hackett and his team evaluate whether to reduce and consolidate production of the Fiesta and two other midsized sedans that are built in multiple locations around the world, but are experiencing slowing demand, the report says.

“One proposal would shift production of the next-generation Mondeo mid-sized sedan from Europe to Mexico, where it would share an assembly line with its sibling, the Ford Fusion, avoiding the cost of retooling two plants,” revealed Reuters.

Problem is Ford builds the Fusion at the Hermosillo plant, more than a thousand miles away from the Cuautitlan facility. So, future plans for the manufacturing complex inaugurated in Central Mexico back in 1964 are still in the works.


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