Finsa – Experience Innovation Development

Finsa – Experience Innovation Development

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Finsa is commemorating its 35th anniversary of offering integral solutions for site selection, design, engineering, and construction along with excellent turnkey facilities with all industrial park services readily available for lease or sale.

Sergio Argüelles González is the President and CEO of Finsa. He is proud of the achievements the Company has reached during more than 35 years. As he explained in an interview with MexicoNOW: "Finsa was born on February 8th, 1977. And today, after 35 years of being in the real estate market we are celebrating the fact that we have consolidated ourselves as leaders of the industrial real estate sector in Mexico."

A review of the company's history reveals that Finsa had its origin in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, with GM as their first client. The company started at the Finsa Matamoros Industrial Park with the objective to attend to the needs of the then newly born maquiladora industry in Mexico. Mr.

Sergio Arg├╝elles Gutierrez, founder of Finsa, had the vision to expand the business model first to other border cities and afterwards to the center of Mexico and the Bajio. This meant pioneering the industrial real estate market everywhere the firm went.

"We are also celebrating our 35th anniversary vis a vis a complete renovation of our image. This is part of our effort to bring our customers innovated services," Arg├╝elles continued. "In the issue of sustainability we have projects that will feature innovated installations designed to reduce the consumption of energy. This applies to a variety of our developments in several industrial parks that we expect to get started this year."

Finsa provides integral real estate solutions for several sectors such as the industrial, commercial and institutional through strategically located developments in Mexico, the U.S. and Argentina. Today Finsa is recognized worldwide as one of the most important and experienced developers in Mexico, administrating larger, dynamic Latin America portfolios with over 1.5 million square meters of leased space (17 MM square feet).

There are several different trademarks that have differentiated Finsa over their 35 year history. First of all is the word "innovation". Finsa has been the first company in Mexico to introduce the following marketing concepts:
  • There are Industrial Parks dedicated to the Automotive Sector. The development of this concept has provided real estate and operative solutions to this industry via offering strategic locations for the OEM's and their supply chain. This has resulted in a significative cost reduction in the supply chain thanks to the optimization of specialized inventories and efficient logistic's operations. All this has been synonymous with competitivity. Sergio Arg├╝elles also emphasized this. He said: "Our parks make possible the elimination of inventories, disposal of packaging, reduction of times and distance in transportation, in addition to improving the quality of processes. Along with this we have featured better response time between the client and suppliers by operating under the Just in Time and Just in Sequence programs."
  • Green development is a principle feature. Finsa has been worried about protecting the environment. In this context we bring to bear the practice of offering advanced techniques in the design of infrastructure, installations, architecture and innovative construction procedures. Arg├╝elles stated: "Our projects are undergoing the certification process with PROFEPA (Mexico's environmental authority)"
  • Integrated Developments are featured. We offer strategic spaces for living, commerce and industry in a unique environment based on our core concept of full utilization and efficient use of every area.
Finsa has the expertise found in the development and administration of one of the largest real estate portfolios in Mexico. As explained by Sergio Arg├╝elles this includes 60 million square feet of development, and 17 million square feet are under lease. "In the last 20 years, he told us, we have sustained the development of our portfolio at an annual rate of 18%."

Finsa has presence in 23 cities in Mexico. Three are in the Southern area of Texas and one is in Argentina. It is important to say that over 50% of the portfolio growth comes from current clients who see flexibility and innovation along with potential to grow based on solid finances working with Finsa.

Mr. Arg├╝elles summed it up like this: "The future of our company is based on the consolidation of our position as development and administrator of properties leader in Mexico. This is being done under our two main thrusts. The first is the consolidation of Finsa in the markets where we already have a presence by expanding projects there. And, there is the renovation of our developments in terms of sustainability and security. The second approach means entering into new markets that have been strategic for us. Our goal is to administer a portfolio of 2.5 million square meters in the next four years."