Finsa The Company announces Its New Industrial Park at Aguascalientes

Finsa The Company announces Its New Industrial Park at Aguascalientes

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FINSA is booming. One of the top industrial developers in Mexico is announcing its new industrial park in the country. It's considered to be one of the main destinies for manufacturing and automotive industry development and the place is called Aguascalientes.

By adding this new development, FINSA has added 16 new industrial parks in Mexico. Expansion means it has presence in all the main industrial poles in the nation. FINSA trusts Aguascalientes as one of the most dynamic sites for industrial investment in the country. This new development will support and strengthen growth in the State by attracting new investment. Aguascalientes features cutting-edge infrastructure and a prime strategic location offering the availability of a highly qualified labor force, good security, award-winning training centers and excellent quality of life. With these outstanding attributes, FINSA Aguascalientes will become one of the fastest-growing industrial parks anywhere.

FINSA Aguascalientes features a strategic location. This means direct access to the NAFTA Highway being connected along Mexico's most important industrial corridor. It runs from Cuautitlan to the cities of Celaya, Leon, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi and even further, in fact, all the way into northern Mexico.

Having 160 hectares of land with the capacity to host over 6,000,000 square feet of manufacturing and/or logistic space, the FINSA Aguascalientes location will generate an estimated number of 15,000 employees.

This development will feature cutting-edge infrastructure. There are wide roads everywhere. There is a sophisticated control system especially authorized for security. The street lighting is based on sustainable lamps. There are deep water wells, fire protection systems, a water treatment plant, plenty of cheap natural gas and medium voltage hook-ups. There is also a specialized service area with amenities including: daycare; a health care center; a well-maintained soccer field and many other attractions.


The capacity for growth indicated by FINSA at this time is really a response to the strong growth expectations for the overall Mexican economy. The firm has made a public commitment to continue supporting Mexico's industrial development. By September of last year (2012), FINSA was able to capitalize on the emission of capital certificates for development (CDK's) in the amount of US$250 million. This translates into more than US$700 million. This money will be invested in new developments and acquisitions, plus the creation of a portfolio of more than 13 million square feet! To date, FINSA already has over 37% of these funds invested.

Months ago FINSA detonated its second big development in the Bajio Region: FINSA Queretaro II. By means of this project, the Company is expanding its overall coverage to include the airport submarket, a place that continues to demonstrate very strong sustained development.

For FINSA the central region of Mexico and especially the Bajio have been converted into an opportunity for growth in future years. It is also important to mention that with the expansion of the FINSA Puebla Industrial Park, located next to the Volkswagen plant, which with its additional 28 hectares will provide extra service to meet the growing demand from the automotive sector in the State of Puebla.

FINSA has now initiated its development of the industrial park at Aguascalientes as we pointed out above. This development, coincidentally, is strategically located in front of the new NISSAN plant. It is close to the airport and will also provide services to the automotive sector.

During the year 2013, FINSA will increase its offer in building inventory by 1 million square feet at key markets for the enterprise. These are well known places such as Queretaro, Aguascalientes, Puebla, Guadalupe and Santa Catarina in the State of Nuevo Leon.

In regard to acquisitions, FINSA has carried out many important operations. At the end of the past year (2012), for instance, FINSA closed-out the acquisitions of over 650,000 square feet in Ciudad Juarez at a campus that was leased to Visteon. Also, at the beginning of (2013) the Company was able to close the purchase of a portfolio of over 300,000 square feet in Tijuana. This was leased for MPA.

These operations are representative of the dynamism and drive that FINSA is experiencing. At the same time its growth shows no limits in regard to any previously mentioned markets and the company is keeping a close eye on other states such as Durango, Chihuahua and Tamaulipas.

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