FINSA – The Leading Company in the Development of Industrial Real Estate in Mexico with Over 55 Million sq. ft. of Developed Propieties

FINSA – The Leading Company in the Development of Industrial Real Estate in Mexico with Over 55 Million sq. ft. of Developed Propieties

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Finsa offers integral solutions for clients by listening and catering to their requirements from site selection, to design, engineering, and construction, and finally providing them with excellent turnkey facilities with all industrial park services readily available.

Sergio Arg├╝elles is the President and CEO of Finsa. He had an interview with MexicoNOW and shared his comments: "Finsa has thirty-four years of experience in the real estate industry. We have successfully served a variety of sectors such as automotive, aerospace, metal-mechanics, logistics, and medical, among others".

"We were", Mr. Arg├╝elles continued, "the first in Mexico to introduce the Suppliers' Parks dedicated to the Automotive Industry, as well as the integrated development that combines industry, housing and commerce.

Also, we were the first in Mexico in development of the first industrial building certified by LEED attaining the GOLD level. We prepare every day to offer our clients with state of the art, innovative solutions that more than exceed their expectations". Finsa's added value consists of offering complete and integrated real estate solutions for clients with services as part of a sustainable approach carried out by a great team of professionals.

In this context the CEO and President of the Company said: "Our developments offer strategic locations ideal for logistics, as well as an abundant labor force. It is worth mentioning that our most recent developments offer housing that is fully integrated,with commerce and industry.

We include everything needed to guarantee our clients up front success in their operation". The Company has already expanded operations into the exploration of new markets. "We now have presence in new markets such as Durango, Durango and Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. We will soon enter Hermosillo, Sonora, as well. We are also expanding our other traditional operating areas," Arg├╝elles said.

According to the President of the Company, 2010 was complicated in terms of new investments. This was because of the effects of the on-going world economic and insecurity crisis our country is experiencing. "Nevertheless", he continued,"at the end of the year we observed a recovery in industrial activity and we were able to close projects focused mainly in the automotive and electronics industries".

The future seems bright for Finsa. According to Sergio Arg├╝elles the company is working on diversification in other sectors and that is a key strategy for 2011. He also mentioned that the retail sector is a field where Finsa is getting well focused by utilizing its existing experience. Also new industrial projects are in the offing for Finsa, as announce Arg├╝elles. He explained: "At this time we are planning the development of our third industrial park in Monterrey.

It will mainly be dedicated to the aerospace industry and we are also initiating the development of a suppliers' park for the automotive industry. We are exploring some new and very interesting markets in Mexico where we can invest. You will be sure to hear from us very soon". Sergio Arg├╝elles continued:" ...for this year, our strategy in Mexico is to consolidate some operations that we actually have in closing process and to reinforce our presence in the markets we already serve.

We will keep developing sustainable projects and bring to Mexico new and creative solutions in this area. We are also exploring and observing the behavior of new financial structures now available in the market such as CKD's". Something special that deserves to be mentioned is the fact that Finsa is committed to protection of the environment.

In the year 2010, Finsa signed an agreement with the PROFEPA (Mexico's environmental authority). In this agreement, Finsa in jointure with the PROFEPA will promote with its over 250 clients established at their 11 idustrial parks the incorportation to the National Program of Environmental Audit.

By this mean Finsa will implement actions to obtain the Environmental Quality Certify at all of its developments. As the President and CEO of Finsa Mr. Arg├╝elles concludes with this personal message: "I invite you to keep believing in Mexico.

We are a proven market with high quality in the labor force and potential for productivity".