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Leading Industrial Developer in the Automotive Industry

MEXICONOW Staff Report

Since 1977 FINSA has built over 7 million square feet of industrial buildings in Mexico, the USA and Argentina. With 17 industrial parks, the firm is one of the largest and most qualified developers in Mexico.

FINSA manages one of the largest industrial portfolios in Latin America. The success of the company is based on its values: social and environmental responsibility, innovation and customer service.

Throughout 38 years of history, FINSA has offered fully integrated solutions in the real estate market, from site selection to maintenance of properties in operation. This gives a competitive advantage that complements innovative products and services as well as a social and sustainable philosophy that has positioned the company as the industrial development leader in Mexico

FINSA serves a wide variety of industries, including logistics, metal-mechanical, electronic, medical, food, aerospace, and many others. But surely, the automotive sector has been a key factor in the growth of the company.

FINSA and the Automotive Industry

The importance of the automotive sector to FINSA goes back to the early history of the company. In 1977 when FINSA began operations in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, General Motors became FINSA´s first client.

With the first three GM Companies installed and operating in the park, this action detonated what is now one of FINSA´s largest industrial parks: North Matamoros.
From then until today, the automotive sector has been one of the pillars of growth throughout Mexico. For FINSA this represents over 50% of its real estate portfolio. In 1992 FINSA together with Volkswagen, established the first park dedicated to the automotive sector in Latin America in the state of Puebla. This was done in order to allow Volkswagen suppliers to operate under the "Just in Time” and "Just in Sequence" context. As a result, VW managed to integrate its network for suppliers while increasing operational efficiency. Today Puebla continues its expansion and is one of the parks with the best FINSA occupancy levels.

This successful model of an industrial park later was replicated with General Motors in the City of Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, and more recently in the city of Aguascalientes for the Japanese automaker Nissan.

With the growth of the automotive sector in Mexico, FINSA has developed new industrial spaces allowing suppliers to provide immediate services by operating near the VW, AUDI, BMW, NISSAN, GM, CHRYSLER and KIA assemblers.

Aerial view, FINSA Aguascalientes

FINSA Aguascalientes

The arrival of Nissan to the state of Aguascalientes made the State an undisputed destination, preferred for its strategic sectors such as the automotive. Also, this is why during the first quarter of the year FINSA introduced its new industrial park FINSA Aguascalientes featuring 162 acres and a capacity for 60 companies in the industrial sector. Altogether the effort will be able to generate 25,000 new direct and indirect jobs.

The park will focus on cutting edge infrastructure developments with wide concrete roads, solar based lighting cells, electricity, a water supply treatment plant, a centralized system against fire, plus state of the art storm and sanitary sewers. Fiber optics will be used throughout the plant as well as natural gas and there will be high technology security and surveillance systems. And most importantly, FINSA Aguascalientes will have service areas designed to meet the demands of the users and workers in the industrial park, in this way creating an ideal work environment. All this will undoubtedly raise productivity and improve the quality of life.

FINSA Aguascalientes is certain to become one of the most successful parks in Mexico. It will be known as the industrial park model in the country because of the quality of its infrastructure and innovative design and use of space.



With the advent of AUDI arriving in the state of Puebla, FINSA announced its fourth supplier park. The park is dedicated to the automotive sector in Mexico and it is the second one in the state.

It is located in the municipality of San Jose Chiapa and is a development of 86 hectares in the first phase. It is located just three kilometers from the AUDI assembly plant which is currently under construction and operations are expected to begin in 2016.

With proven experience in Puebla, FINSA and the infrastructure that the State Government is developing is intended to extend connectivity in the area. The expectation is for FINSA to repeat its history of success that FINSA has already enjoyed in Puebla.

In its initial phase the development can accommodate up to 40 automotive companies. Its proximity to the port of Veracruz is less than 200 km, an important detail that also makes it a strategic target as a logistics sector.

FINSA Puebla II integrates the latest infrastructure and equipment. This is where both the design and the implementation and operation follow the important principles of energy conservation and sustainability.

FINSA Industrial Park, Ramos Arizpe Coahuila

Key to Success

FINSA recognizes the importance of understanding the needs of customers, making it possible for them to grow together: 50% of the investments, it should be pointed out, that are made by FINSA is Repeat Business. Their customers continue to choose FINSA because they receive full turnkey service - and this comes with a complete warranty backed by 38 years of experience.

FINSA Industrial Park, Ramos Arizpe Coahuila

The Future of FINSA

Sergio Arguelles Gonzalez, President and CEO of FINSA had this to say to MexicoNOW: "We believe that future success will continue by investing here in our country. This will be done by investing in world-class infrastructure; seeking to strengthen new industries; and modernizing our communication systems. In addition, we will keep recognizing and awarding the talent of our workforce. We will continue to work to create an atmosphere of quality and safety in our labor infrastructure and in this way we can successfully compete by building competencies demanded by global economic indicators. And of course, we seek profitability for our business and technology partners all located together in a single, dynamic integrated service model”.

“We will continue to invest, as I mentioned, in our divisions of Engineering and Construction. This is exactly where we have developed over 7 million m2 and that´s why we have become one of Mexico's leading construction companies.” Sergio Arguelles had this to say: “Our future also depends on considerable investments in our comprehensive maintenance division where today we provide service to world class companies in over 250 different industries including, aerospace, medical, electronics, logistics, metal-mechanics, and of course the auto industry along with our energy division."

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