Florida-based manufacturer Jabil opens production line for agricultural drones in Chihuahua

Florida-based multi sector manufacturer Jabil officially opened a new production line at its facility in Chihuahua to build agricultural drones.

The drone that Jabil produces evaluates, through an autonomous night flight, fields to determine the affectation by pests, irrigation requirements, soil erosion, among other aspects. The device has the capacity to archive information of up to 162 hectares per 45-minute flight.

In a single flight, its sensors capture color images and high-resolution multi-spectral images that provide intelligent, instantaneous and useful information to assist in decision-making and improve corporate efficiency.

The company already employs 4,500 workers in Chihuahua city and according to company officials, around 1,050 additional job positions will be opening over the next two years for new projects.

It is one of four plants Jabil operates in Mexico, along with two facilities in Ciudad Juarez, also in the state of Chihuahua and one more in Guadalajara, Jalisco. 

The Chihuahua facility alone posted US$ 570 million sales last year. The plant also manufactures components and solutions for Automotive & Transportation, Connected Home & Building, Energy & Industrial, Print and Retail segments.


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