Florida wants to put tariffs on Mexican berries

Florida wants to put tariffs on Mexican berries

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MEXICO CITY— As has happened with tomato imports in the United States, Florida producers are now trying to put pressure on Mexican berries and obtain advantages over the country.

"The fact that the United States changed the rules for tomato would be a very bad precedent, and we do worry that the same could happen for berries," said Aldo Mares, president of AsociaciĂłn Nacional de Exportadores de Berries (Aneberries).

The pressure to impose a compensatory quota came from Florida since negotiations to modernize the NAFTA began, as it is one of the largest producers of strawberries, surpassed only by California, according to Mares.

The petition has been manifested through some letters so "we are concerned as an industry and we have been constantly evaluating it".

With the support of consultants, it’s been analyzed under which rules they could impose dumping on imports of red fruits (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry) which rank 3rd in the list of Mexican agrifood products sold abroad, said the Mexican director.

Mexico exports 97% of the production of these fruits to the North American region, of which 90% goes to the U.S. and 3.0% goes to another 35 nations

Source: El Diario