Ford Chihuahua celebrates 40 years

Ford Chihuahua celebrates 40 years

CHIHUAHUA - The Ford Chihuahua engine complex, where some of the F Series engines are manufactured, is celebrating 40 years of operation; the facility, which today has three plants, is an example of the quality of work of Mexican talent.

The plant's success has gone beyond the manufacturing of engines, committing to the development and growth of its employees, promoting gender equity by being the plant with the most women working in the manufacturing area at Ford of Mexico.

The company explained that the Ford Chihuahua Engine Complex currently integrates three production plants and has manufactured more than 14 million engines in the four decades of operation, all of which have become the "heart and soul" with Chihuahua seal of many of Ford's iconic models in three continents.

Ford emphasized that Chihuahua has a strategic role for the brand worldwide and is ranked as one of the highest quality industrial complexes in North America.

The blue oval company recalled that the Engines I plant, inaugurated in 1983, began operations with the four-cylinder Penta engine, for domestic consumption and export, thus becoming the "heart" of the iconic models of the eighties, Tempo and Topaz.

During almost a decade in which 1.9 million units were manufactured, Ford decided to invest in the expansion and remodeling of the plant for the production of the 2.3-liter Zetec engine used for the Contour, Mystique, Escort and Focus models. The plant currently produces the high-tech Duratec I-4 2.0 and 2.5 liter gasoline engines for subcompact vehicles.