Ford completes testing for its pursuit-rated hybrid police car

Ford completes testing for its pursuit-rated hybrid police car

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Production units of Ford’s pursuit-rated hybrid Police vehicle are starting to roll out of the company’s Chicago Assembly Plant where they’re modified for law enforcement use after being shipped from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

After completing a series of tests by the Michigan State Police, the vehicle first ever Police Responder Hybrid Sedan is now available for sale to law enforcement agencies across the United States. 

“Our new Fusion-based Police Responder Hybrid Sedan is quicker than our legendary V8-powered Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, while offering fuel efficiency that’s estimated to be double that,” said Stephen Tyler, Ford police brand marketing manager. 

Testing took place at the Grattan Raceway and included a 32-lap pursuit simulation that tests durability of the powertrain, suspension, brakes and tires.

Despite its hybrid engine, the new Police Responder Hybrid Sedan went from 0-100 in 23.1 second, beating the once-universal Crown Victoria by more than a second. The vehicle is expected to get 38 miles per gallon, including 40 mpg during driving.

"Ford’s efforts to meet the needs of its police customers continue with the addition of the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan – a remarkably efficient pursuit-rated choice for law enforcement agencies nationwide," Ford said in a news release.

Ford invested US$ 1 million and added 30 new jobs at the Chicago Assembly Plant to do the modifications.


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