Ford Hermosillo celebrates 37 years

Ford Hermosillo celebrates 37 years

HERMOSILLO, SON - Ford de México proudly celebrates the 37th anniversary of the Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly Plant, which has become a manufacturing benchmark in the country, from the Ford Mercury Tracer to the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Maverick.

At a commemorative event, Enrique Araiza, Ford de Mexico's Director of Manufacturing, praised the dedication of the employees, highlighting their role in the production of vehicles of the highest quality, innovation and development in the country.

From its beginnings with the export of sedans to global markets, through the manufacture of Lincoln models and the introduction of hybrid car production in Mexico, Ford Hermosillo has constantly evolved.

Today, with the production of the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Maverick, the plant has integrated cutting-edge technologies, including a 'high-speed' press line and more than 750 state-of-the-art robots.

The '0 on 0' strategy implemented at the plant demonstrates Ford's commitment to excellence and safety. By completely eliminating quality failures or errors from production, the baseball-inspired employees have been able to reduce errors on the production line by 80%.

In addition, as part of its commitment to sustainability, the Ford Hermosillo plant announced in 2022 the exclusive use of renewable energy, contributing to the reduction of 4,322.5 tons of CO2 per month and aligning with Ford's global goal of being 100% carbon-free by 2035.

Eduardo Villegas, Ford Hermosillo Plant Manager, emphasized the importance of these efforts to transform manufacturing in Mexico and meet environmental goals.