Ford lowers output at Hermosillo plant

Ford lowers output at Hermosillo plant

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Ford just announced it will build the Focus in China instead of Hermosillo

Amid low sales in the mid-size sedan segment around the U.S. market, Ford Motor Company is lowering its output at the Hermosillo assembly plant with assorted shutdowns which will result in 1,400 less Ford Fusions during June, auto union leaders revealed to local media.

Workers will see a 25% decrease in their paychecks but they get to keep 100% of benefits, said Ricardo Martinez, union leader.

Ford sold 21,603 Fusions in May, down 12.1% compared to same month of 2016. In the first five months of 2017 Fusion sales totaled 89,086 units, 26% less than the 120,313 vehicles the company sold during the same period of 2016.

Ford also builds the Lincoln MKZ at the Hermosillo facility, but its sales are not as bad as the Fusion’s. The company sold 2,801 units during May, but even with the figure representing a 13.8% decrease, the year-to-date result remains positive totaling 12,102 units, up 1.4% compared to the first five months of 2016.

Last January Ford announced it scraped off plans to build a new plant in San Luis Potosi to assemble the Focus. Instead the company said it would shift the Focus production from Michigan to Hermosillo.

According to union leaders, the reconfiguration at the Mexican facility is going fast and initial tests at the production line may take place by the end of August.


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