Ford Mexico awards suppliers for excellent practices

Ford Mexico awards suppliers for excellent practices

STATE OF MEXICO - Ford de México held its Supplier Quality Day at the Pegaso Dynamic Center in Toluca, State of Mexico, to reinforce its commitment to suppliers to drive its business with a strong foundation in process quality.

The OEM offered its perspective on quality issues, and a complete vision of how suppliers impact the entire supply chain. On site were more than 40 Ford leaders from the United States and Mexico from areas such as Manufacturing, Product Development, Purchasing, Supplier Technical Assistance (STA), among others.

"We have a great commitment to quality throughout the product life cycle, and our suppliers are a very important part of this chain. That is why we are extending information, knowledge and objectives with them," said Bruno Mendoza, supply chain leader in Mexico.

The 100 attendees, who represented 70 different suppliers, were also able to learn about this year's product development priorities, as well as the performance to 2024 objectives and the facilities that the Global Technology and Business Center (GTBC) offers for them.

At the end of the activities, attendees participated in a driving experience and networking space. In addition, Ford gave the Top Performer Supplier recognition to 6 suppliers that achieved a significant improvement in quality, which is measured with QR's (quality rejections).