Ford revamps Mexican dealerships amid reports of branding crisis

Ford revamps Mexican dealerships amid reports of branding crisis

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Ford announced plans to invest US$ 52.6 million at the 127 dealerships around the country as part of an effort to enhance the customer experience and revamp the look of such premises.

A total 39 dealerships have already remodeled their facilities, while another 19 will be completed by the end of year. The upgrades consist of Wi-Fi equipped waiting rooms with touch screens where the customer can consult technical data of the vehicles and monitors where they can see their vehicles while in the service areas. 

In addition, the dealerships will develop an area called Ford Performance where customers will have access to the last generation of sports cars for them to try them out.

The announcement comes a few weeks after several media outlets reported a growing feel of discontent among auto dealers who saw a branding crisis due to the company decision to scratch plans for an assembly plant in San Luis Potosi.

Ford Mexico sold 40,113 cars in the first half of 2017, an 8.2% drop compared to same period last year, which totaled 43,702 units. Company officials expect better results for the second half by introducing eight updated models.


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