Ford’s US$ 1.1 billion expansion in Chihuahua remains on schedule

Ford’s US$ 1.1 billion expansion in Chihuahua remains on schedule

Ford Motors officials in Mexico confirmed that a new production line will start in November at the company’s Chihuahua facility, creating 1,200 jobs and becoming the country’s largest engine plant. 

The automaker plans to invest US$ 1.1 billion at the site to produce a new gasoline-powered engine aimed to the U.S., Canada and South America markets as well as the Asia-Pacific region.

The building will be finished by March, followed by the tooling process immediately which is expected to end around the third quarter. Production is scheduled to start during November.

Ford currently produces 295,316 I-4 gasoline engines and 179,900 diesel engines a year in Chihuahua. Once the expansion is completed, the company expects to manufacture more than half a million engines combined annually.

In addition, Ford is building a new transmission plant within the premises of transmission supplier and longtime partner Getrag, which is based in Irapuato in the State of Guanajuato. This US$ 1.2 billion investment will bring approximately 2,000 new jobs.


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