Ford to layoff 850 workers at Hermosillo plant

Ford to layoff 850 workers at Hermosillo plant

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Ford Motor Company plans to layoff 850 workers out of the 2,750 it employs at its assembly plant in Hermosillo, Sonora, due to low demand on the vehicles it manufactures at the Mexican facility, local media reported citing union leaders as source.

The layoffs will take place by the end of year, so that in January the plant will operate in two shifts, instead of the current three, with some 1,900 workers involved in the direct operation.

Sales of the Ford Fusion, one of two cars built at the Hermosillo plant, have declined 22.6% to 177,278 vehicles from January through October. The Lincoln MKZ, which is also built there, saw its sales fall 8.6% through October, to 23,155 units. Both vehicles are built on regular and hybrid versions.

Ford recently launched a program where some of the hybrid Fusions built in Hermosillo are shipped to a facility in Chicago to be modified for law enforcement, creating the first pursuit-rated hybrid Police vehicle.

Union officials have confidence that the program will help to ramp up production at the plant, thus requiring more personnel for the facility to run on three shifts again.


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