FOTON Mexico delivered electric unit to Holcim

FOTON Mexico delivered electric unit to Holcim

ZAPOPAN, JAL - FOTON Mexico announced the delivery of another EST-A electric unit to Holcim, a leading company in the concrete industry, in Zapopan, Jalisco, as part of a total order of 8 units of this technology.

During the delivery, training was provided on the use of the vehicle, the charger and the necessary tools to ensure the best performance of these electric vehicles.

Holcim, a company committed to the environment and sustainability, has demonstrated its leadership by acquiring these electric units from FOTON. These vehicles use CATL batteries, the result of a commercial alliance between the two companies. CATL, the world's leading producer of batteries for electric vehicles, guarantees optimum performance and environmental friendliness.

The truck purchased by Holcim is an EST-A tractor-trailer with a towing capacity of 38,100 kg. FOTON has been a leader in developing and innovating clean, alternative technologies to support environmental protection and industry.

The tractor-trailer is equipped with a CATL battery that ensures sufficient autonomy in each of its deliveries and supports the quality of the vehicle.

"FOTON reaffirms its commitment to continue providing innovative and sustainable transportation solutions in this new era of the brand with a multiverse of technologies. We are proud to be part of the vision of companies like Holcim, which seek to create solutions aligned with sustainability and care for the environment," the company reported.