French aero structures manufacturer Daher opens new facility in Queretaro

French aero structures manufacturer Daher opens new facility in Queretaro

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French aero structures manufacturer Daher today officially opened a new production and logistics site at Queretaro’s Aerospace Park to supply doors for Airbus.

The company has been conducting operations since last October inside the Airbus Helicopters premises located at the Aerotech Industrial Park, also in Queretaro, but it decided to move to a new 3,200 square-meters facility which will also serve as a logistic center.

The new facility is dedicated to preproduction of doors for Airbus A320 emergency exits and cargo bays. The services provided by Daher on its new Queretaro site underscore the extent of its know-how, ranging from product and process engineering to industrial services and machining, including transport and chain logistics supply.

Daher's operations at the Queretaro site extend from the forecasting and procurement of parts and chemicals used in the production of A320 doors, the management of incoming materials shipped to Mexico by Airbus Helicopters Germany, through customs clearance, inspection and storage.

Once the materials are delivered to the Queretaro site, Daher performs an on-site precut of the aluminum plates used to make the doors. Then, all components are delivered to Airbus Helicopters for the production of the doors. Finally, Airbus Helicopters delivers the finished products to Daher and the doors are packaged and sent to the final assembly lines of the A320.

"Quite unique, managing these global capabilities capitalizes on the know-how of our commercial base, but also on our logistics and industrial services," said Nicolas Orance, senior vice president of Daher's Aerospace and Defense Business Unit. "In view of the operations carried out, Querétaro is not a classic logistics platform but a logistics center worthy of the name. "

Orance pointed out that the Queretaro site is in line with Daher's strategy to install resources in the immediate vicinity of its customers, thus ensuring the flexibility of all the services offered. The site currently employs 20 people, most of whom have been recruited in the region and trained in logistics, supply, engineering methods and metal cutting for aluminum plates.

In addition, this new site strengthens Daher's presence in Mexico and positions the group in anticipation of the increased production of Airbus Helicopters on the site and future commercial opportunities in the Queretaro region (a major aeronautical production center) and throughout the country to the aeronautics and automotive sectors in particular. Daher already has another plant in Nogales, Sonora, which produces fuselages cells made of composite materials. 


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