General Motors not to change its production plans

Mary Barra, General Director of General Motors, pointed out that she is not planning to change the production place of their vehicles because of the criticism by President Elected Donald Trump. She made it clear that decisions involving capital are made from two to four years ahead of time in the automotive industry. Trump has threatened recently to impose a big tax on GM for importing its Chevrolet Cruze into the U.S. from Mexico. The firm only imports a small number of Cruze hatchback model vehicles from Mexico, while it manufactures all of its Cruze sedan in a plant in Lordstown, Ohio. Ms. Barra said that it is too soon to speculate about this. The production of the Terrain model will be relocated to Mexico from a plant in Ingersoll, Canada, for the most recent models. The Ingersoll factory will retain the Equinox production.