Germany-based Elektro-Kontakt invests US$ 24 million to set up its fourth plant in Coahuila

Elektro-Kontakt, a manufacturer of electrical components for a wide range of industries, inaugurated in recent days its fourth production site in Mexico.

The new facility is located in the border municipality of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, where the company invested US$ 24 million and opened 800 job positions in order to start operations. 

The company operates three additional plants all of them in the state of Coahuila, one in the municipality of Sabinas and two more also in Piedras Negras. With the new facility its total workforce in the country will increase to 2,800 strong.

Elektro-Kontakt, a subsidiary of Germany-based E.G.O. Blanc und Fischer & Co., manufactures connectors, cables and electrical harness assemblies for several sector, but its operations in Mexico are focused in the automotive industry.

Luis Carrasco, Vice President of Operations for Mexico, said at the opening ceremony that most of the products the company manufactures in the country are for export markets. However, the new facility will supply components for other auto suppliers and original equipment manufacturers in the Bajio region, Central Mexico. 

The executive said that the building, located in the Amistad industrial park, was designed to operate in a sustainable manner, with modern solar energy and water treatment systems, which will allow it to operate with World Class standards.



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