Germany-based Hirschvogel Automotive Group opens US$ 30 million plant in Queretaro

Germany-based Hirschvogel Automotive Group opens US$ 30 million plant in Queretaro

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The Hirschvogel Automotive Group, a German manufacturer of forged and machined parts of steel and aluminum, today inaugurated a US$ 30 million production facility in the municipality of San Juan del Rio, Queretaro.

The company recruited 100 workers for the first stage of operations which began last year with production of machined powertrain components. Earlier this year, Hirschvogel also started production of forged chassis parts. Its workforce is expected to grow to up to 250 strong by the end of 2019.

According to the company's projections, this new plant will end its first full year of operations with a production volume of 1.5 million parts, a figure that will increase to 5 million when the facility becomes fully operational by 2019.

The plant was built on a 11.3-hectare greenfield in which there is already 21,000 sq.-m footprint for production and 4,000 sq.-m for offices. However, there’s enough space to expand the facilities and accommodate 700 workers in different shifts if necessary, according to the executives.

If this business scenario were to materialize, the company's investment in Queretaro would increase to US$ 54 million.

Although the company did not offer further details of its business plan, it is known that in other countries it supplies parts for Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, so it is to be expected that this will be the same target in Mexico.The consolidated global sales of the Group were approximately US$ 1.45 billion in 2017 at a yield of 371,000 tons of forged parts; the number of employees was about 5,300.


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