Germany seeks to invest more FDI in Nuevo Leon

Germany seeks to invest more FDI in Nuevo Leon

NUEVO LEON – With an accumulated investment of US$35 billion in Mexico, German companies are looking for more presence in Mexican territory and Nuevo Leon may be one of their favorite destinations.

This is what Fritz Eisele Thurau, Honorary consul of the Federal Republic of Germany and director of the Mexican-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Camexa) in Nuevo Leon has in mind.

"Nuevo Leon is one of the states being considered for investment and that is where we have to work with the state government to bring that investment to Nuevo Leon," he said.

The consul mentioned that at the end of the day, investment will come to where it works the best for the country, but Nuevo Leon is the heart of the industry in Mexico.

One of the sectors where German investment in Mexico stands out is the automotive sector.

German industry is also present in the chemical, pharmaceutical, electro/electronic, machinery and logistics sectors.

The also director of the Camexa in Nuevo Leon commented that they support the Invest Monterrey and Nuevo Leon 4.0 initiatives.

Source: El Financiero