GIRAA will focus on the aerospace industry

GIRAA will focus on the aerospace industry

AGUASCALIENTES - The automotive cluster GIRAA will continue to promote the development of the aerospace industry in Aguascalientes.

This was announced by Monica Mendoza Jaques, president of the business group, who informed that a GIRAA delegation will attend the Farnborough International Airshow in England, the world's largest aerospace fair.

This biennial event, along with the international aerospace exhibition in Berlin, ILA, and the Paris Airshow at Le Bourget, is among the most prominent and influential in the aerospace sector.

“We will introduce new global trends and share them here with our partners to explore possible commercial exchanges,” mentioned GIRAA's president.

Monica Mendoza, president of GIRAA, highlights the considerable potential of the sector, stressing that the transition to the aerospace industry requires prior mastery of the automotive industry. Aguascalientes, with its consolidated experience in the latter field, already has a significant advantage.

Although she clarifies that the transition is not straightforward due to differences in certifications and working methods, she affirms that they have started off on the right foot.

This approach is similar to that observed in other states such as Chihuahua, Juarez and Queretaro, where the move from automotive to aerospace is a common trajectory. Mendoza points out that Aguascalientes has already started down this path.