Global Auto Mobility Supply Chain: Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Era

Global Auto Mobility Supply Chain: Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Era’s latest Audio Interview “Global Auto Mobility Supply Chain: Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Era” features Fathi Tlatli. Mr. Tlatli is President Global Automotive Sector at DHL, responsible for global team leadership, strategy and development of the automotive industry activities. In addition, he is Professor and lecturer in global marketing, intercultural management and strategy for various European institutions and writer of a range of articles and books on this subject.

In the 16-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Tlatli discusses these questions:

• What was the concrete impact of the pandemic on global logistics networks? What was the most painful for automotive supply chain professionals?
• How can supply chain visibility allow proactive decision making that would diminish the impact of potential future pandemic events?
• What are the main industry trends accelerated by the pandemic that are impacting automotive supply chain the most?
• Why do you consider electric vehicle logistics as a key challenge to be addressed ASAP by the whole industry (industrials and logistics providers together)?
• Sustainability for automotive products, operations, manufacturing is on the top of the agenda for many automotive companies. How do we extend this approach to supply chains?
• Vehicles are getting more and more connected and high tech. What does it change for the supply chain and logistics?