Globally, Who Decides the Future of Connected Vehicles?

Globally, Who Decides the Future of Connected Vehicles?’s latest Audio Interview “Globally, Who Decides the Future of Connected Vehicles?” features Matt Jones. Mr. Jones is Director of Global Technology Strategy at Ford Motor Company. With nearly 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Matt now oversees technology strategy and embedded experience at Ford Motor Company. In addition, Matt is Chairman & President of COVESA. COVESA is an open, collaborative and impactful technology alliance; accelerating the full potential of connected vehicles.

In the 12-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Jones discusses these questions:

• Passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturers seem to be following a variety of proprietary approaches for connected vehicles. Do you see a point when this approach shifts to better alignment around standards or common approaches?
• Connected vehicles seem to have gotten the attention of regulators in a variety of geographies. Are manufacturers and suppliers to wait for these regulations to be handed down or will they unite to influence these regulations with industry-based approaches?
• Data Privacy. A great promise of connected vehicles is the value of data and analytics to inform new services in the vehicle and for new commercial products delivered on the web. Are data privacy initiatives in various parts of the world going to facilitate or handicap the development of these new services and products?
• The big cloud vendors, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, etc., seem to have found a new way to influence and control the vehicle context. How do you see these big data companies interacting with automotive and fleet organizations in the future and what does this mean for the future of connected vehicles?
• What organizations need to align to promote the future of connected vehicles globally?