GM Ramos Arizpe gears up to add second work shift; opens 300 job vacancies 

GM Ramos Arizpe gears up to add second work shift; opens 300 job vacancies 

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The General Motors complex in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, northern Mexico, gears up to operate again in two production shifts after six months of working only one, for which it will recruit at least 300 additional workers in the coming days, local media reported.

According to the Zocalo paper, the automaker began an intensive training program on August 27th that will run throughout the month of September, aimed to start up the second shift on October 1.

The goal, according to the news outlet, is to increase production from 48 to 54 vehicles per hour at the plant that currently manufactures the Cruze hatchback and the Equinox SUV, but in the coming weeks will also start to build the new Chevy Blazer.

These changes take place to a few months after the same local media reported construction work within the perimeter of the plant, where it is now known is that such premises will house a new painting area, as well as an electrical substation.



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