GM Silao to halt production due to lack of semiconductors

GM Silao to halt production due to lack of semiconductors

SILAO, GTO – General Motors de México has confirmed that its pickup truck assembly plant in Silao will stop production for a week due to supply chain problems related to a lack of semiconductors.

The General Motors plant in Silao is the company's main plant in Mexico and employs more than 8,000 people and is also the plant that has produced the most vehicles in the country during this 2022, with more than 170,000 pickup trucks assembled.

“General Motors is actively working with its supplier base to resolve issues as they arise to meet customer demand,” GM said in the statement.

It is worth mentioning that GM's production in Mexico has been 'relatively stable' since the third quarter of last year, but supply chain disruptions have continued. However, they have reported an increase of more than 8% in total production during the first half of the year and according to INA projections, GM could reach 766,000 units produced in the country by the end of 2022.

The Silao plant manufactures Chevrolet's Cheyenne and Silverado pickup trucks, as well as the GMC Sierra, some of the most popular models in the U.S. market, where more than 80% of production is exported.