Governor of Querétaro announces a US$43-million investment for the state

QUERÉTARO During a tour in Canada, state governor, Francisco Dominguez Servién, along with the minister of Sustainable Development, Marco del Prete Tercero, held different meetings with four companies that will invest an amount of approximately US$43 million in the state of Querétaro, according to a report by El Universal.

These companies will ultimately generate nearly 1,000, and will leave eight projects with the potential to create 650 jobs with US$65 million dollars remaining in the portfolio.

Del Prete indicated that the investment comes from the aerospace and the automotive industry, and they hope to carry out some other investments in the following months––projects that cannot be yet disclosed.

“Due to the nature of these projects I cannot reveal them, they are projects that are under analysis; but, they have to do with the aerospace and the automotive industry…” added Del Prete Tercero.

Source: El Universal