Guadalajara expands its infrastructure to become a major airport hub

Guadalajara expands its infrastructure to become a major airport hub

GUADALAJARA - With an investment of around US$884 million, the Guadalajara International Airport will inaugurate a second runway, as well as a terminal building, as part of the projects for the five-year period (2020-2024), stated Martín Zazueta Chávez, director of this air terminal.

In an interview with A21, the executive explained that this second runway at Guadalajara International Airport will be used with the current runway in segregated operations, since the distance between the two cannot be simultaneous.

He mentioned that the inauguration is scheduled for the first semester of the year, between May and June.

"We are already in the process of certifications and publications and this will allow us to have one of the most important works of the Guadalajara airport in its recent history," said Zazueta Chávez.

He mentioned that this new runway will have an extension of 3.5 kilometers and a distance of 275 meters from the other runway.

The executive added that there will be a new general aviation area, which will lead to the construction of the second terminal in Guadalajara, which will be part of the investments for the next five-year period -2025-2029-.

He explained that these new facilities have a 114,000 square meter apron, which alone is larger than that of many commercial airports in the country.