Guanajuato has the most modern Michelin plant worldwide

Guanajuato has the most modern Michelin plant worldwide

GUANAJUATO – The latest investment in Michelin Guanajuato, made at the end of April, places the plant as the company's most modern globally. Since its arrival in the state, it has accumulated around US$910 million in investment between two phases of expansion.   

The tire company is located in the PILBA park, and inaugurated its first phase in 2019 with an investment of US$510 million, where currently more than a thousand people work in an area of 142 thousand square meters.

It is worth mentioning that Michelin has 122 of the three thousand hectares of the PILBA industrial park, for future expansions. The second phase, which began in April of this year, represents an additional 24 hectares of productive area.

"Michelin is not only one of the most modern plants in the country, but this plant makes Guanajuato and Leon a very special place for the Michelin Group. We want to be an increasingly Mexican company," said Pierre-Louis Dubourdeau, CEO of Michelin Mexico and Central America.

Currently, the Guanajuato plant produces around five million tires per year, and supplies several manufacturers in North America, including Tesla. In the next two years, with the operation of the second phase of expansion, the company could be doubling its production.

Source: Lider Empresarial