Guanajuato’s aerospace industry will be taking off in five years

Even though Guanajuato has decided to diversify its industrial growth towards the aerospace sector, it acknowledges this is a long-term project, since it will take five years at least before the results of the Sky Plus project can be seen, said Guillermo Romero Pacheco, Secretary of Sustainable Economic Development (SDES). In addition, the building of its industrial park will begin by the end of this year, in an 80 hectare surface, located inside Puerto Interior. Romero Pacheco also stated that the aerospace cluster of the state will be in charge of the park developer, Sky Plus, which is a company made up of Mexican funds that has been serving the aerospace industry for several years. The estimated investment for the park, is US$342.8 billion and the building is scheduled to begin January 2017. Sky Plus’ capital investment is privately owned.