Guhring Mexicana

Guhring Mexicana

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Guhring Mexicana is a subsidiary of Guhring oHG. The firm was founded over 100 years ago in Germany and currently has a presence in 56 countries on 5 continents through 46 sales companies, 25 sales and marketing partners, 32 production plants and 47 service centers.

Guhring Mexicana is the leading supplier of high precision rotary cutting tools in the Mexican market and they work with automotive, aerospace and metal mechanic companies.

Among the services offered by Guhring Mexicana are the following:

  • Engineering Applications
  • Manufacturing
  • Regrinding
  • Modifi cation and Reconstruction
  • Coatings
  • Technical Assistance and Training
  • Tool Management
  • Technological Services

Their standard line includes more than 44,000 products such as drills, gun drills, taps, endmills, reamers, chucks, PCD and CBN tools as well as tools with interchangeable Hollfelder- Guhring inserts.

The Guhring Mexicana plant is located in the Bernardo Quintana's Industrial Park, in El Marques Queretaro. It is both a Manufacturing and Service Center (MSC) and Sales Offices. On November 7th, Guhring Mexicana announced the construction of a new plant, also located at El Marques Queretaro. Leadership for the event was provided by two of the firm's executives. Victor Gutierrez, for one, has been the General Manager of the company since 2001. There was also Dr. Jörg Guhring, President of the Group Guhring oHG and and his wife Dr. Antje-Katrin Kuehnemann, who is also a share holder in the Company.

The new plant of Guhring Mexicana will be built at the Industrial Park's "Innovation Technology of Queretaro". It will occupy a total surface of 16,000 square meters. Victor Gutierrez explained to everyone at the ceremony: "Guhring Mexicana is a company directed 100% by Mexican talent. This is something which makes us deeply proud and drives us to keep creating jobs for employees and to be promoters of technological innovation in all industrial sectors that we serve, not only in Mexico, but in Latin America, as well."

The new facilities of Guhring Mexicana will be known as the Service and Manufacture Center of Guhring Mexicana. It will increase its capacity in providing commercialization services, engineering applications, regrinding, production, PVD coatings application and training.

During his chat with MexicoNOW, Mr. Gutierrez, who is the General Manager of Guhring Mexicana, remembered that the company had already established operations in Mexico as a commercialized company in Toluca back in 1991. And, by the year 2001 the company had realized one of their dreams. They had the funds and decided to move to Queretaro where the company has grown from having 12 employees to 105. And the firm is now among the 60 subsidiaries in the top 10 of the Worldwide Group.

"We have established our leadership in Mexico through our commitment and quality. This is something that we do in our daily work," commented Mr. Gutierrez. "The potential of the Mexican market," he continued, "is very vast and we have positioned our company as more than just a service, but as an integral system with a structure of technical support focused on the complete satisfaction of our clients."

According to Gutierrez, the year 2012 was extraordinary for Guhring Mexicana. It was a time when the company was forced to enlarge their installations in order to increase their production and services. "A positive perspective," he explained, "is being seen in our Company and we move forward with our most important asset being our employees. With their support, hard work and talent we have been able to increase our competitivity and profitability."

"We want to reiterate that all of our dreams and passion are focused on complete client satisfaction. Our new plant will help us offer more and better services and products and this will certainly increase our sales in the automotive, aerospace, medical and machinery industries. This is where," concluded Mr. Gutierrez, "we already have a presence in Queretaro and this is a very important logistics hub for us. I am proud to say," continued Gutierrez, " that in Mexico everything is possible. The talent of this Company is Mexican and since the year 2012 we are also responsible for development of the Central and South America market for Guhring oHG."