GWM plans to install electric vehicle plant in NL

GWM plans to install electric vehicle plant in NL

NUEVO LEON - The Chinese company Great Wall Motors (GWM) is exploring Nuevo León to install an electric vehicle production plant.

Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda met with a delegation from the company to show them the advantages the state offers for the automotive industry.

"We received this delegation, they are from the most important automotive companies in Asia and they are looking to put their plant to make this type of precious and electric vehicles," said Garcia.

"With great pleasure we received them here, we hope they are convinced that Nuevo León is the best place, the world hub for electromobility, and we are very happy because they are excellent companies in the automotive industry," said the governor.

In addition, García Sepúlveda said that the visit represented an opportunity for Nuevo León to become the global electromobility hub.

GWM was represented by Bryan Yao, Senior Director of GWM Latin America and CEO of GWM Mexico; Pedro Albarrán, VP and General Director of GWM Mexico; Michael Shen Li, Country Manager; Arthur Yi, Senior Manager Production Planning; and Matt, Engineering Planning Department Manager.

The company is China's largest producer of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and pickup trucks. It has independent manufacturing capabilities for core components such as engines, gearboxes and batteries. In addition, it has been the number one SUV seller in China for 12 consecutive years.