Heavy vehicle industry grows in April

Heavy vehicle industry grows in April

MEXICO – April 2022 was another good month for sales, exports and production of heavy vehicles in Mexico, revealed the results of the Administrative Registry of the Automotive Industry of Heavy Vehicles (RAIAVP).

Retail sales of heavy vehicles grew by 28.28% compared to the same month of the previous year. In absolute numbers, sales increased from 2,553 to 3,575 units.

Likewise, wholesale sales increased by 46.46% compared to April 2022. Sales increased from 2,301 units to 3,370 units.

On the other hand, production in this industry grew by 20.29% at annual rate, which implied assembling 15,358 units out of the 12,767 units that were assembled in April 2021, detailed the RAIAVP.

Regarding exports, the industry sent 12,183 heavy vehicles to the international market, equal to an increase of 14.73% in annual comparison.

By brands affiliated to the Asociación Nacional de Productores de Autobuses, Camiones y Tractocamiones (ANPACT) A.C. and LDR Solutions, International and Kenworth are the brands that reported the highest retail sales with 982 and 670 vehicles sold, respectively.

In wholesale sales were Freightliner with 1,057 units, as well as Kenworth, which sold 743 in the fourth month of the year.

In terms of vehicle production, the brands with the best performance in the assembly of heavy vehicles were: Freightliner: 7,863, International: 5,843 and Kenworth: 1,216.

Finally, in vehicle exports, Freightliner and International are the manufacturers with the largest shipments, with 6,841 and 4,891, respectively.

Source: Lider Empresarial