Helischool to be inaugurated in Yucatan

Helischool to be inaugurated in Yucatan

YUCATAN – Airbus, the Mexico Aviation School and the government of Yucatan announced that the Yucatan HeliSchool will be inaugurated at the end of the year, starting its training and operations cycles.

According to a press release issued by Airbus, the new HeliSchool will be located at the Merida International Airport and will welcome students from all over the country, will have training capacity for 20 pilots during the first year and will increase its available places in the following years.

The Helischool will offer various types of training, including Ab-Initio courses for new pilots, commercial pilot courses, instrument flight training, fixed-wing to helicopter transition courses, among others.

It is worth recalling that last year, Airbus, the Mexico Aviation School and the local government signed a cooperation agreement to launch this project.

The first student cadets will be selected by a committee, based on merit, ethics, academic performance, passion for the aerospace industry, among others, and applications for the program will be available soon on the Mexico Aviation School website.

Source: A21