Here’s top three automakers in Mexico by production, exports

Here’s top three automakers in Mexico by production, exports

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Mexico’s top three automakers by production output from January through August are Nissan with 582,047 units, followed by General Motors with 495,660 cars and pickups, while FCA ended up in third place to 411,230 vehicles, according to figures by the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA).

On an exports basis though, General Motors topped the ranking to 409,976 vehicles, followed by FCA with 385,436 units and Nissan was displaced to third position to 320,148 cars and pickups.

More pickups and SUVs

Following the trend of the U.S. market, nowadays nearly half of the 2,522,587 vehicles manufactured in Mexico in the first eight months of 2017 were either pickups or SUVs, a 45.7% to be precise.

The figure of 1,153,696 pickups and SUVs built between January and August of 2017 is 20.8% higher compared to the same data of 2016, and shows how quick automakers reacted to the market needs.


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