Hidalgo companies venture into the aerospace sector

Hidalgo companies venture into the aerospace sector

MEXICO - In order to consolidate the industrial corridor towards the AIFA, Hidalgo is working with Mexico City and the State of Mexico not only in the industrial sector, but also in various sectors such as automotive and aerospace.

Carlos Henkel Escorza, head of the Secretariat of Economic Development (Sedeco), indicated that they are also working on urban development plans and other sectors that the Planning and Prospective Unit is working on.

He recalled that among the proposals of the president-elect, Claudia Sheinbaum, is to make the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) a development pole, which includes the three states.

"We have joined in a couple of clusters, the automotive cluster that adds the three entities and the aerospace cluster that we are also already starting and we started it a few days ago," she commented.

The head of Sedeco pointed out that the automotive sector will undergo important changes in the area of electromobility, and some of the parts that are necessary today in the automotive mechanical sector will become obsolete in a certain period of time.

Therefore, he said, they are looking for companies in this sector to approach the aerospace sector, which is more diverse, broader, and that this will allow them to generate more opportunities for their companies.

He also added that with the proximity of the Felipe Angeles airport, whose activities are growing daily, there is the possibility of expansion for companies from Hidalgo.

"Even the airport itself has asked us to link more companies from Hidalgo for the aerospace sector and to be able to have more suppliers in this field," he said.