Highway Beltway to remove trailers from Ciudad Juarez

Highway Beltway to remove trailers from Ciudad Juarez

JUAREZ – The federal investment of US$139 million that will be destined to the construction of the Highway Beltway, will allow the transportation industry to reduce transportation times to the interior of the city.

"This construction will have an extension of 32 kilometers and two lanes that include the construction of two road distributors, and an overpass over the railroad tracks" detailed Rogelio González, president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE).

He added that this construction will connect the southern area with the Guadalupe y Tornillo International Bridge.

"We believe that this work will help to take traffic out of the cargo transport to prevent it from entering the city, lightening vehicle traffic and reducing the time to reach its final destination," said the CCE’s president.

Source: Puente Libre