Horton invests US$20 million in Matamoros

Horton invests US$20 million in Matamoros

MATAMOROS, TAMS - The U.S. company Horton Automatics moved to Matamoros one of its door production factories previously established in its country. In said project it invested more than US$20 million and is part of the agenda of plans with foreign capital to arrive in Tamaulipas within the Nearshoring trend.

The corporation, whose base of operations is located in Texas, started up its operations in the complex now located in the Finsa Industrial Park, where the directors as well as state and municipal authorities gave an account of the complex where more than 200 direct and indirect workers will be employed.

With this expansion, explained the Maquiladora Association of said municipalities, which belongs to Index, the aforementioned company will transition all manufacturing operations from two existing plants to this new facility to consolidate its manufacturing processes on the Tamaulipas border.

“The above, was decided derived from the excellent performance of our existing Sliding D de Mexico team, our confidence in our ability to supply qualified personnel and a favorable business environment, by closing two of its U.S. facilities and having one in our city,” the agency explained in its social networks, while congratulating the executives for consolidating the plan.

Horton Automatics is a company focused on the manufacture of all types of doors, from automatic, manual, swing, sliding, revolving, platform, transit, hurricane-proof, among others. These include industries such as healthcare, government, airports, railways, commercial, among others.

The Undersecretary of Investment of the Ministry of Economy, Anabell Flores Garza, on behalf of the head of the Ministry, Ninfa Cantú Deándar, attended the ceremony and the ribbon cutting, which guarantees 173 jobs with the expansion and 40 new ones.

“In this municipality there are 17 projects that represent an investment of US$12 billion, with a potential generation of 1,719 jobs. In Reynosa there are also 33 confirmed plans for US$681 million and 9,512 potential jobs, all of this as part of the relocation of plants to the state,” she concluded.