Hotel industry in Juarez does not have a reopening date

Hotel industry in Juarez does not have a reopening date

CIUDAD JUAREZ – The difficult outlook facing the hotel sector in Ciudad Juarez could be aggravated by the fact that they do not yet have a reopening date and there is a risk that two more hotels will close their doors to add up to 19 so far in the pandemic.

Rogelio Ramos, president of the Hotel Association of Ciudad Juarez, said due to the fact that there is no opening date for the businesses that closed due to the contingency, among the same guild agree to do it in a staggered manner.

"We are trying not to open all together, because this would be counterproductive, we are only making the agreements," he said.

In previous days, several economic sectors of the city, including hotels, participated in a virtual meeting with Governor Javier Corral about the economic recovery in Chihuahua.

However, Ramos said they were not given a specific date, as it is a type of schedule that starts in June.

"What we were trying to do was get a start date for the maquiladoras and the entire production sector, but we have to wait because it would be very irresponsible to give us a date at this point," he said.