Household appliances, Nuevo Leon’s strength

This border State contributes with 30% of total house appliances exports of all Mexico and participates with 41% of the national production, which translates in earnings worth US$3.5 billion. These figures take on a whole new dimension, considering Mexico is the fifth exporter of this type of products. The State becoming a leader of this industry is the product of teamwork among the Government, the academia and corporations. One of the most recent investment projects attracted to the State was the Whirlpool factory in 2016, with US$ 64 million put into the Apodaca plant, to instal a second washing machine production line. Nuevo Leon is leaving Queretaro, the household appliance leader in the Bajio region, in the second position, affirmed Armando Cortes, executive director for the Electric-Electronic Industry division of ProMexico.