How to Lead Your People in Challenging Times in Mexico

How to Lead Your People in Challenging Times in Mexico’s latest Audio Interview How to Lead Your People in Challenging Times in Mexico” features Lourdes Quijas. Lourdes Quijas currently is an independent consultant in Human Resources Strategies, Leadership and Management. She has more than 25 years of experience in Human Resources within the Mexico automotive industry, and was the Director of Human Resources in operations of 2 major automotive companies, GM and BMW in Mexico. She has been a member of launch teams for 3 new manufacturing plants in Mexico (1993 GM Silao, 2006 GM San Luis Potosí and 2015 BMW San Luis Potosí) leading the development and execution of HR strategies.

In the 17-minute Audio Interview, Ms. Quijas discusses these questions:

• Can you describe the situation in Mexico’s automotive industry during the last number of months?
• From your perspective, what are the current challenges for companies in Mexico, referring to the people environment?
• Can you share what could be key actions to lead people in the organizations during this time?
• Do you have any final comments?