Huawei puts trust in Mexico’s economic stability

Huawei puts trust in Mexico’s economic stability

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Huawei, China’s largest private company, trusts in Mexico’s economic stability and ensures that the nation is heading for a technological transformation.

Mexico plays a key role for the giant. In conjunction with the American market, which so far does not include the United States, the company represents 7% of its global revenues – that is more than US$6.4 trillion – according to the company’s data.

“Mexico’s economy is stable and I believe that every time there is a greater opportunity for all industries, from agriculture and manufacturing to services, to undergo a strong technological transformation, a transformation that will change the entire country for the better,” noted Pengo Yang Peng, CEO of Huawei Mexico, in an interview with Forbes.

As for the next government, Yang Peng pointed out that the main technological challenge facing the administration of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is to break the digital divide, something that must be solved by network operators.

The Chinese giant could be a great ally in that sense, because, according to the manager, its technology facilitates an installation of infrastructure that is “easy” and “much cheaper” than other companies.



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