Humberto Martinez becomes new president of national Index

Humberto Martinez becomes new president of national Index

MEXICO CITY – Humberto Martínez Cantú, was sworn in as president of the National Council of the Maquiladora and Export Manufacturing Industry (index) for the 2024-2025 period, accompanied by the Board of Directors made up of the general secretary, Alfonso Valdés, and the treasurer, Fabiola Luna.

Luis Abel Romero, Undersecretary of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economy, was in charge of swearing in the Board of Directors and its national president in a protocolary act where an atmosphere of unity prevailed among presidents and directors of the 18 associations that make up index, as well as among associates and special guests.

In his first speech after taking office, Martínez Cantú mentioned that the national maquiladora and manufacturing industry has become the largest component of trade between the United States and Mexico, since it is the sector that best combines comparative advantages and productive confidence for capital investment.

“For the 6,440 IMMEX establishments in Mexico, we must play a more relevant role in government synergies, in a growing importance of global value chains in the national interest. For the US$220 billion in goods exported by the IMMEX force in 2023, our sector is always in favor of supporting Mexico’s plans and for its development,” he said.

For his part, Luis Abel Romero, Undersecretary of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economy, highlighted the strength of our country’s industrial policy, as well as the economic boost generated by the export manufacturing sector.

Meanwhile, José Abugaber, president of Concamin, mentioned that this industry plays a fundamental role in the economic development of the country and pointed out that it is necessary to work for the substitution of imports, highlighting the promotion of local industry, reducing foreign dependence, improving the trade balance and boosting growth.

The president of Index Nacional, highlighted that in 2024 structural changes of government are coming, so more than ever it is necessary to be prepared and strongly united for the benefit of this important sector.

Martínez Cantú will focus his presidency on four pillars: competitiveness, legislative aspects, regulation and development of new talent.