Hybrid Nissan Versa Note spotted on road tests in Michigan

Hybrid Nissan Versa Note spotted on road tests in Michigan

New spy photos revealed in recent days by AutoNews show a Versa Note e-Power hybrid undergoing road tests in Michigan.

The unit has a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine which isn’t connected to the wheels, but charges an internal battery pack powering an electric motor. The engine reportedly runs at a constant 2,500 rpm to feed electricity to the battery. It does not have plug-in charging capabilities.

The Note e-Power is propelled by its electric motor and reportedly offers electric-drive benefits: a heavy dose of instant torque and a driving experience consistent with a fully electric powertrain.

Nissan currently builds in Mexico the conventional Versa Note for the U.S. market, while the e-Power hybrid version is made along with the full-electric Nissan Leaf at the Oppama plant in Japan, where the vehicle is already available at dealerships.

It’s no clear yet whether Mexico will get production of the e-Power in the near future.

You can see more about the e-Power Nissan Versa in the video below.


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