Hyundai Motor Mexico and IPN sign alliance to boost the automotive industry

Hyundai Motor Mexico and IPN sign alliance to boost the automotive industry

MEXICO - Hyundai Motor de México joins IPN in a strategic alliance to boost the automotive industry. The collaboration includes the donation of resources and educational programs for the development of talent and cutting-edge technology.

The CEO of Hyundai Motor de México, Edgar Carranza, has highlighted the importance of this alliance as a strategic step towards the possible installation of a manufacturing plant in Mexico in the near future.

Although there is still no official confirmation from the parent company in Korea, Carranza emphasized that Mexico is a powerhouse in automotive production and that the demand for electric cars in the United States makes the country a key player in the North American automotive sector.

As part of this agreement, Hyundai is committed to providing resources to the IPN, including the donation of engines, transmissions and vehicles annually for educational purposes. This contribution aims to facilitate the direct interaction of students with state-of-the-art technology, promoting practical and effective learning.

In addition, an automotive-focused technical education program developed by Hyundai will be implemented, designed to provide specialized training to both students and teachers at the Institute.

This program will cover the operation of the latest automotive systems, thus strengthening the theoretical knowledge necessary to meet the current challenges of the industry.

The agreement also contemplates the donation of specialized equipment to IPN Higher Education schools related to Automotive Engineering, as well as to some Centers for Scientific and Technological Studies (Cecyt) that teach subjects related to this area.

This alliance between Hyundai Motor de México and the IPN represents a significant step towards development and innovation in the Mexican automotive industry, laying the groundwork for future opportunities for collaboration and growth in the sector.