In test mode, BMW San Luis Potosi plant builds up to 15 units every day

In test mode, BMW San Luis Potosi plant builds up to 15 units every day

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German diplomats, BMW executives and officials from the state of San Luis PotosĂ­ recently held a press conference to announce that the new assembly plant will be officially inaugurated on June 6.

For now, the plant is still in the testing phase while only the rail spur remains to be completed so that the premises are 100% finished.

It is worth noting that although the inauguration day is in June, the plant will start up manufacturing 3 Series sedans for global markets since second quarter.

According to local media, mass production will start sometime in the second quarter as soon as all processes and vehicles themselves are fully validated.

Currently the plant produces each day between 12 and 15 test units that are thoroughly checked and if in any vehicle the smallest error is detected the whole batch is rejected.

BMW’s plant in San Luis Potosi will have a production capacity of up to 175,000 units per year.



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