Index Juárez and Tecmilenio sign collaboration agreement

Index Juárez and Tecmilenio sign collaboration agreement

JUAREZ, CHIH - The Maquiladora Association of Ciudad Juarez (INDEX) and Tecmilenio University signed a collaboration agreement to strengthen the training of local talent and meet the specific demands of the manufacturing industry in the region.

The signing ceremony was attended by Sergio Colín, President of Index Juárez, Erika Donjuán Callejo, Director of Tecmilenio Juárez, and Mayor Cruz Pérez Cuéllar, who acted as witness of honor. In his speech, the Mayor highlighted the importance of this agreement for the growth and economic development of the city.

The strategic agreement reflects the joint commitment of both institutions to strengthen the link between academia and industry. The objective is to create an ecosystem where the knowledge and skills acquired in the academic field are applied in a practical way in the productive sector, thus boosting competitiveness and economic development in the region.

In addition, the agreement will establish a series of concrete actions, including conferences, training and updates specifically designed to meet the requirements of the maquiladora industry in Juarez. These activities will be conducted by experts and professionals from Universidad Tecmilenio, ensuring a practical and relevant approach to the needs of the local industrial sector.

A highlight of the agreement is the offer of scholarships and financial support for Index Juarez employees who participate in these trainings. This initiative seeks to eliminate economic barriers and facilitate access to training opportunities for industry workers, thus contributing to the continuous improvement of their skills and knowledge.

The collaboration between Index Juárez and Universidad Tecmilenio represents an exemplary model of synergy between the business and education sectors. By joining forces, both parties aim to raise the standards of the local workforce, increasing the competitiveness of the maquiladora industry and fostering an environment conducive to innovation and sustainable development.