Index Juarez forecasts expansion of 10 Taiwanese companies

Index Juarez forecasts expansion of 10 Taiwanese companies

JUAREZ, CHIH - The manufacturing industry in Ciudad Juarez continues to expand. The Maquiladora Association Index Juarez, through its president, Sergio Colín, announced that by the second half of 2024 significant growth is expected, especially with the incorporation of approximately 10 new Taiwanese plants.

Colín explained that these new Taiwanese investments will be consolidated this year with the completion of approximately 10 buildings, and operations are expected to begin as soon as possible.

Although he did not specify the exact number of jobs that these expansions will generate, the industry leader affirmed that there will be an increase in employment.

Despite the challenges faced by the sector, the maquiladora has maintained its workforce with 317,466 employees. Exports have remained at stable levels during the last two months, although they have not experienced the expected growth.

Ciudad Juarez continues to represent 9% of the total national maquiladora industry, and the current priority is to maintain efficiency and competitiveness despite recent legislative changes that have directly impacted the industry.

The nearshoring phenomenon has led some companies to move products and production lines to other countries to be closer to their consumers. However, this movement has not negatively affected the number of jobs in Ciudad Juarez.