Officials from Turkey-based auto parts supplier Odelo-Farba confirmed their interest in investing in Aguascalientes state to start manufacturing operations of exterior lights for premium segment vehicles in the medium term.

The managers assured to local media that there is an important advance in the negotiation of the project with the state authorities to the extent that it is feasible for both parties to announce an official agreement in July.

Regarding the amount of investment and the number of jobs to be created, state authorities said that those figures will be announced when the negotiations have concluded.

Odelo-Farba, a company that started operations in 1935 and currently has 1,600 employees around the world; is dedicated to the manufacture of directional lights, lighting and electrical components. Among its main customers are Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Opel, BMW, Ferrari, Fiat, McLaren, Saab (aftermarket) and Porsche.


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