MEXICO  In the week of May 20 to 24, avocado was the product that registered the most variation in the markets of the country, being sold at US$2.35 per kilo in Mérida and up to US$3.65 in Puebla.


According to the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) in convenience stores kilogram of avocado, sugar and tomato raised its price to US$4.05, US$2.53 and US$0.93 in that order, and the kilo of onion and lemon dropped to US$1.76 and US$0.85 respectively, compared to last week.


In the Central de Abasto (Ceda) of Mexico City, the kilogram of avocado was increased to US$3.55, while the kilo of tomato, sugar and lemon remained at US$0.78, US$1.77 and US$0.78  respectively, and the onion went down to US$0.73 per kilogram.


In the popular "CTM" market of San Nicolás de los Garza, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, the lemon and avocado increased to US$1.30 and US$3.91 per kilo; the onion, the sugar and the egg did not register movements, being offered in US$1.56, US$1.04 and US$1.41 the kilo, in that order, and the kilo of tomato lowered to US$0.68.


While, in markets of Guadalajara, the price of citrus increased slightly and was sold at US$0.68; the kilogram of tomato and sugar remained at US$0.73 and US$0.91, and the kilo of avocado, onion and egg dropped to US$3.55, US$0.78 and US$1.28.


In markets of Mérida, the kilogram of onion and egg increased to US$0.78 and US$1.36, respectively; the lemon and sugar remained at US$0.26 and US$1.04, and the kilogram of green fruit and tomato dropped to US$2.35 and US$0.78.


Finally, in Puebla, the kilogram of eggs, tomatoes, onions and lemons dropped to US$1.15, US$0.73, US$0.83, US$0.78. The avocado remained at US$3.65 per kilo, while the price of the sweetener increased, reaching US$0.99 per kilogram.


Source: El economista

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